What is happening with Powerhouse museum?

Powerhouse is undergoing a $1.2 billion expansion and revitalisation program.

  • Powerhouse Castle Hill is open to the community on weekends.
  • Sydney Observatory is open for pre-booked tours Wednesday – Saturday.
  • Powerhouse Ultimo is temporarily closed for heritage revitalisation works.
  • Powerhouse Parramatta is under construction.

Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Parramatta

What is happening at Powerhouse Ultimo?

  • A $300 million heritage revitalisation program is underway.
  • The museum closed on 4 February 2024 and will reopen once works are complete.
  • The revitalisation includes reorienting the museum entrance, expanding and renewing exhibition spaces, and undertaking essential heritage conservation works.

Powerhouse Ultimo

Powerhouse Castle Hill

Sydney Observatory




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