Latitudes – Window

Prose by A.Girl, score by Mo Aung, choreography by Sela Vai
A Subversus film commissioned by Powerhouse Parramatta


Latitudes weaves together nine artistic commissions from A.Girl, BLESSED, Claire Cao, Eda Gunaydin, Gillian Kayrooz, Mo Aung, Nerdie (1300), Sela Vai, and Serwah Attafuah in three dynamic short films that explore themes of audibility, distance and perspective.

Window is the final video in the series.

Perspectives shift when lenses tilt. Playing with physical and metaphysical concepts of perspective, this film features spoken word from A.Girl, choreography by Sela Vai and score by Mo Aung.


See there's a war going on outside and I don't mean overseas I mean right outside my window.

First time I heard gunshots, I was in year 4, and that was right outside my window.

Me and my siblings huddled up and my mum had put the mattress up against the window.

Fast forward a couple years and I'm smoking bongs at the same fucking window.

See the opportunities for kids like me from west Sydney, is a small fucking window.

But we throw bottles through the glass, we don't kiss nobody's ass, we made art outside of class, but they keep us locked in looking out the window.

Boy becomes a man, gets his first car can't afford to pay the rego, but he got them tinted windows.

The girl becomes a woman, she knows that no one wouldn't tell her that the neighbours can see her changing through the window.

See I really want more from my people.

I need the west to awaken, I need the rest to stop faking.

There's grown men in my area saying that, ‘Fuck bitches do rack,’ well honey they'd never eat bacon.

Have you ever sat inside a church and looked outside them coloured windows?

Thinking if God is really real, then when will God reveal, the secrets to learning to heal. My brothers and sisters, there's power within our trauma.

Whoever the cap fit let ‘em wear it. Instagram captions we're unaware of.

The false reality we're living in. Instagram is just another window they want us to be sitting in.

I'm chasing the window of life.

I'm chasing anything that makes me feel like it's worth giving my life.

I'm no hero. I'm no Cleopatra.

I've sat with the richest of the richest and I've kicked it with the trappas.

They've both got two things coming for them: death and taxes.

So when push comes to shove, make sure you never in the back seat, stay being in the driver, because if we're forced to look out windows our whole lives, do it with all your for-lifers and enjoy the fucking ride.

– A.Girl


A. Girl

A young woman sits crouched in the middle of an industrial looking room.

In just 3 years, singer, songwriter and rapper Hinenuiterangi Tairua (aka A.Girl) has blown up on her local hip-hop scene, leading the new guard of young artists coming out of Sydney’s west. Her silky-smooth vocals over fresh hip hop beats and R&B jams have powered her breakthrough singles ‘Play’, ‘All Over You,’ ‘We Them Boyz,’ and ‘2142.’ She was swiftly named Next Big Thing at the FBi Awards, won triple j Unearthed’s festival slot at Listen Out, and was heralded by UK’s Wonderland as a rising star.

‘I want people to think about the things they’ve seen and heard that have helped mould them to be the unique person they are today. I hope they ask themselves ‘How has my window shaped me and is it time to find new windows to look through?’

Window is an unfiltered poem about my life in Western Sydney. I was inspired by the idea that windows can make you feel boxed, trapped, but they can also frame your perspective. It took a while to get the idea but then it was like laser focus and the words just flowed out of me like water.
Object No. 2020/3/1-8/17
Stereograph of Maggie Papakura and Bella Tupou in New Zealand

Sela Vai

View of woman from above on a bare concrete floor, basking in the sunlight

Tongan-Australian movement director Sela Vai is internationally recognised for her distinguishing choreography and empowering presence. Sela’s credits and clients include Apple, MECCA, CADA, the A-League, T-Kay Maidza and Young Franco, Thelma Plum, Ngaiire, No Mono, Milan Ring, BloodMoon and more. She’s performed as part of Dream Dance Company; Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne Fringe; PACTHouse: Temple; and presented at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. She is the founder of HUMXN and a recent presenter at TED X.

My main inspiration for the choreography was shuudan koudou, the Japanese art of precision walking, where they create intersecting formations in synchronised walking groups. From here, I began to workshop the choreography on a dance crew that has pioneered dance culture out in the west called Kingdom Culture Company ... I'm so glad their portraits were shown in the film as well to show the diversity and beauty of the people in western Sydney.
Sela Vai
A group of young people dressed in street clothes pose in an empty carpark. The ground is wet. There are train lines visible in the background.
Object No. 85/1284-1456
Samoan High Chiefs supporting Malietoa, Samoa, 1899

Mo Aung

Portrait photo of man with blue sky in the background

Mo Aung is a Burmese/Western Sydney based musician creating a unique sound with intricate hip-hop and innovative beats. Mo has worked with INQ and wildflower, and last year he released his first solo EP, Marionette, which he describes as ‘A response to the current political climate in Burma but through the process, it has also been a discovery of self and has brought a closer connection to my origin.’

‘Western Sydney is not a subculture, but rather a reflection of the multiculturalism in modern Australia.’
Mo Aung
Object No. 2007/77/2-14
'Main Street, Penrith' photographic print
‘For people who already live out in the west, I hope they take inspiration to be creative – whether through dance, spoken word, film, anything. For people that aren't from the West, to appreciate our perspective, our work ethic and how unique our art is.’
Sela Vai

Film Credits

This film was created and filmed on Darug, D’harawal, Gadigal and Wiradjuri Country. The creators of this film acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and their continuous connection to Country, community and storytelling. We pay respect to Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Words by A.Girl
Music by Mo Aung
Choreography by Sela Vai

A Subversus series commissioned by Powerhouse
Directed by VERSUS (Tanya Babic & Jason Sukadana)

Commissioning Editors: Callum Cooper, Lisa Havilah, Lisa Ffrench
Creative Producer: Cara Stewart
Program Producer: Nikki Brogan
Creative Directors: Tanya Babic & Jason Sukadana

Production Company: Subversus
Cinematography: Tyson Perkins
Senior Producer: Justine Moyle
Editor: Sean McDermott

Colourist: Matt Fezz
Title Design: Huy Nguyen

Sela Vai

Anastasia Sio-Mauu
Aquila Fugawai
Ashton Salei
Bella Barcelon
Christy Ma
Courtney Tuala
Daniella Bernobic
Jada Bennett
Joanna Dejoras
Leandro Igna
Marcya Fugawai
Monique von zum Hof
Montana Eltakchi
Nayla Salei
Piere Tamargo
Primrose Halai
Priyasha Naidoo
Ronan Enza
Rylee Feao
Sammi Lou
Tiara Townsend

Ben Cremen
Betinho Soares
Helani Serath-Kumera
Jesse Woods
Ups Tupou
Ranjeet & Arnold

Production Coordinator: Amber Rose
1st AC: Matt Scott Chow
2nd AC: Sean McDermott
Steadicam Operator: Jake Iesu
Gaffer: Matt Willis
Best Boy 1: Nik Damianakis
Best Boy 2: Craig Knight
Art Directors: Tanya Babic & Jason Sukadana
Assistant Choreographers: Leeanne Rood & Bella Barcelon
A.Girl Stylist: Oriana De Luca
A.Girl Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth Kpaka
Sound Recordist: Nathan Bell
Runner: Nathan Akhoui
BTS Stills: Katie Cao

Collection object cinematography: Brad Jarrett
1st AC: Steivan Hassler
Gaffer: Matt Wilson

Sound Design: Mara Schwerdtfeger
Sound Mix: Weronika Razna

Thanks to our location partners: Blacktown City Council, Blacktown Netball Courts and Plantbank Mt Annan

With thanks to the Powerhouse Collections Team: Lucy Clark, Bronwyn Dunn, Meredith Freeman, Craig Hull, Nathan Mudyi Sentance, Nick McNamara, Brianna Ranieri, Tom Wilcox and Scott Winston

Special thanks to: Panavision Australia, Ayeesha Ash, Campbell Bickerstaff, Damian McDonald, Stella Palmer and Ramona Telecican