Nathan McGuire x Rhys Ripper

Beautiful Freak in the Machine
Powerhouse X VIVID

You have to create that blueprint of what a success story looks like in Australia.
Nathan McGuire

Creative director Rhys Ripper talks to his best mate and model muse Nathan McGuire about their careers and the changing the face of Australian fashion. Driven by a passion to forge space for their First Nations cultures, they trace the creative sparks and the challenges that have built their own brand of Indigenous representation.

Rhys Ripper talking to Nathan McGuire on the stage in the Powerhouse.

Beautiful Freak in the Machine

This is a series of five short films telling stories of fashion, freedom and self-expression. Trailblazers share stories of personal bests and creative processes, colliding with layers of imagery from their bodies of work. These short films are for style fans and pop culture geeks, celebrating the outliers, the misfits and the spirit of creativity.

Presented by Vivid Ideas and Powerhouse

Talent: Nathan McGuire and Rhys Ripper
Creative director: David Bonney
Creative producer: Anna May Kirk
Commissioning editors: Callum Cooper, Lisa Ffrench, Tory Loudon Producer: Cara Stewart
Editor: Georgina Veneziani
Image research: Brittany Wyper