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Location marker iconSydney Design Week Material LabsTime icon2023

Hysteresis by Melvin Josy is an ongoing artistic investigation into the transformative journey of rubber, an industrial material that has become an integral part of our world. Drawing upon Josy’s childhood familiarity with natural rubber estates in Kerala, India, the project examines the material's evolution and its applications in a contemporary context.

Through a series of critical design objects made from recycled rubber crumbs, this project reveals the vast ecosystem surrounding the material, unravelling its story from extraction to disposal and potential reuse. In doing so, Hysteresis invites reflection on the intricate connections between our daily lives and the materials that shape our world.

Josy will share insights into the Hysteresis project and his research-based practice at the Sydney Design Week Material Labs.


Melvin Josy creates unique pieces that explore the intricate relationships between humans, culture and nature. His narrative-based design approach involves reimagining traditional techniques with modern materials and technologies, making age-old practices relevant to the contemporary world.Josy’s explorations often reference the rich craft traditions of Kerala, India, through a personal and nostalgic lens. He describes his practice as a method of cross-cultural knowledge sharing to spark curiosity and facilitate critical conversations about materials and objects we interact with by investigating deeper meanings beyond function and aesthetics. He holds a postgraduate degree in design from the University of New South Wales School of Art & Design and is an associate in furniture at JamFactory, Adelaide.



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