Romance Was Born x Bat for Lashes

Beautiful Freak in the Machine
Powerhouse X VIVID

This is my favourite piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. I just go into this Frida Kahlo bridal cosmic vortex.
Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes)
Object No. 2021/54/10
Liberace Tribute Gown, from Whispering Angel collection, Resort 2016, womens, beaded and sequined double net / textile / metal, designed by Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales of Romance Was Born, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 2016

Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales of Romance Was Born catch up with long-time collaborator and friend Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) to talk brides, vampires, and alternate universes.

Models pose on the runway during the Australian Fashion Week 2022 Romance Was Born runway show in the center frame. They are wearing colourful floor length dresses. There is a pink LED screen background.

Beautiful Freak in the Machine

This is a series of five short films telling stories of fashion, freedom and self-expression. Trailblazers share stories of personal bests and creative processes, colliding with layers of imagery from their bodies of work. These short films are for style fans and pop culture geeks, celebrating the outliers, the misfits and the spirit of creativity.

Presented by Vivid Ideas and Powerhouse

Featuring: Natasha Khan, Anna Plunkett, and Luke Sales
Creative director: David Bonney
Creative producer: Anna May Kirk
Commissioning editors: Callum Cooper, Lisa Ffrench, Tory Loudon
Producer: Cara Stewart
Editor: Yeoseop Yoon
Image research: Brittany Wyper