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1001 Remarkable Objects

Location marker iconUltimoTime iconCLOSED IN 2024

1001 Remarkable Objects presents an unexpected juxtaposition of objects in 25 rooms that lead us on a journey across time and memory. The selection includes objects that have never been exhibited until now alongside much loved Powerhouse Collection icons.

We rejected the nomenclature of “treasures” or “masterpieces” and instead determined all choices must be in some way “remarkable” – whether by virtue of rarity, visual appeal, social history or an ability to invoke wonder.
Leo Schofield AM

Extraordinary objects include the only surviving fragment of the Lockheed Altair aircraft Lady Southern Cross flown by pioneer aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith for his final flight in 1935; a section of original Transatlantic cable from 1858; a mousetrap making machine designed in Sydney; an Edo period samurai warrior’s suit of armour; a 1.5 metre tall Mintons ceramic peacock from the 1870s and a Detroit Electric car manufactured in 1917.

Powerhouse Collaborators

Object No. 2001/85/1-1
Standard ‘Supreme’ mousetrap making machine by AW Standfield and Co.  Photo: Anthony Potter.