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Climate Solutions

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Our planet’s atmosphere is the product and record of everything that has happened and everything that has lived. Careful scientific examination clearly shows disturbing changes happening in the atmosphere but it’s not too late to make changes.

Powerhouse Ultimo presents an educational webinar series exclusively for schools as part of the 100 Climate Conversations exhibition.

Each free 30-minute webinar features an Australian change-maker sharing their ideas for climate solutions – including advice for students on how they can make a difference.

Designed to intrigue and inspire, these programs look at the careers and research of those searching for solutions to mitigate the effects of the changing climate. From cooling new housing estates, making clouds to protecting the Great Barrier Reef, recycling human waste and learning to love an octopus, these quick-paced recordings can be used by teachers to focus discussions and map a better future.

Students are encouraged to research the topic and submit questions for consideration at the time of booking.



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