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Family Electric Car Design (Ages 7+)

Location marker iconUltimoTime icon2023

Come to the Powerhouse and build your own electric toy car to take home.

Join industry expert Michael Day from the Australian Electric Vehicle Association to discuss the history and design of electric cars that have been on our roads since the mid-1800s. Their popularity grew until the Ford Model-T arrived in the early 1900s at about one-third of the price, rendering these early electric cars relics

One hundred years after these cars largely faded into history, our interest has been rekindled as we reconsider transport through the lens of environmental and economic sustainability. Using our Detroit Electric Brougham (1917) car as inspiration, Powerhouse has made a kit for children and their families to construct together and take home. This is a fun introduction to engineering. Family workshops are designed to create conversations between adults and young learners in a shared environment, creating a platform for learning to continue at home.



On Gadigal land

Powerhouse Ultimo
500 Harris St
Ultimo NSW 2007

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$25 Children
Ages 7+
Free for supervising adults

26 September 2023
Friday 6 Oct

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Construction of the car is required with numerous small parts. Adult assistance is needed.


We encourage visitors with accessibility requirements to contact us via or (02) 9217 0222 for help in planning your visit. We accept Companion Cards.

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Detroit Brougham Electric Car
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