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Powerhouse Late x Vivid Ideas: Natural Wonder

Location marker iconUltimoTime icon2023

See nature in a whole new light on this fascinating night about how our most innovative artists, designers and architects take inspiration from its many wonders.

Curated by Liane Rossler, artist, designer, founder of Superlocalstudio and co-founder of Dinosaur Designs, expect thought-provoking talks, practical workshops, inspiring installations and powerful music. Exploring the intersections of nature, design, art and architecture, this Late is for curious minds who are fascinated by nature’s creativity, discussed in a series of lively talks by leading innovators who take inspiration from nature.


6pm A brief history of honeybees, beekeeping and beehives in visual art and design by Honey Fingers

7pm Design-led encounters with urban diversity by Zoe Sadokierski

8pm Designers and architects creating smarter, better urban environments that incorporate nature and First Nations knowledge and wisdom featuring Kaylie Salvatori, Samantha Rich and Zoe Sims

6–8pm c h l o r o p h y l l h a r m o n i a by Chordata

5–9pm Flora embroidery with Cath Derksema
5–9pm Paper flower and leaf making workshop by Benja Harney

5–9pm Honey Fingers installation by Nic Dowse
5–9pm Cactus sculptures by Tully Arnot
5–9pm Paper nature installations by Benja Harney
5–9pm Plant mobile installation by Tully Arnot
5–9pm Floral arrangements by Aleksandra Keast

5–9pm Happiness by Grant Stevens
5–9pm Flowers by Garden of Bob
5–9pm Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini

5–9pm DJ Groovescooter
5–9pm Bar by Grifter

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