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Powerhouse Late: Art and Labour

Location marker iconUltimoTime icon2023

Powerhouse Late: Art and Labour presents an evening that echoes challenges faced by artists trying to make art their profession. Curated by Passage Gallery, through satire and wit this event questions whether artists are being fairly remunerated while positing that cultural programs need to reflect our diverse community. Drawing influence from Kay Abude’s recent exhibition ‘(DON’T) BE AN ARTIST’, Art and Labour will present panel discussions, music, installation, video works and performance art.


6pm A Fools Work Never Ends – panel discussion on artist remuneration and moving towards a future where artists are paid their worth with Penelope Benton, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Kay Abude and Marco Rinaldi.
7.30pm Work Worth Doing – panel discussion on the need for cultural programming to reflect our diverse society through inclusive curation with Adam Porter, Sebastian Goldspink, Tess Allas and Ashleigh Jones.

5–9pm ART IS NO FORTUNE by Kay Abude

5–9pm (DON’T) BE AN ARTIST by Kay Abude
5–9pm Notes on Labour by Kay Abude

5–9pm Video art by Tristan Jensen
5–9pm Images from the Powerhouse collection

5–9pm (DON’T) BE AN ARTIST semaphore performance by Kay Abude

5–7pm Eddy Diamond
7–9pm Gillielove

5–9pm Bar by Grifter