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Powerhouse Late: Resonance

Location marker iconUltimoTime icon2023

Join us for the first of two sound-focused events celebrating 1001 Remarkable ObjectsInternal link icon, a new exhibition presenting an unexpected juxtaposition of objects in 25 rooms that lead us on a journey across time and memory. The selection includes objects that have never been exhibited until now alongside much-loved Powerhouse CollectionExternal link icon icons.

Presented by Liquid Architecture and curated by Del Lumanta, practitioners working with sound have been invited to sonically respond to objects in the exhibition. Delving into how we contemplate meaning through objects and exploring how sound can be used to evade the limitations of legacy, commemoration and nostalgia an object holds.

The night’s performances include artist, producer and musician Sione Teumohenga, musician and electronics technician Bluetung and musician Bract.


Sione Teumohenga

5–9pm The Wheel by Low Flung

5–9pm DJ Bluetung 

5–9pm Bar by Grifter


Bract is a three piece band merging harsh, immovable noise with the flow and reactivity of drone and physical vibration. This processattempts to resist falling into the nihilism expected of heavy music and explore futures that can often feel impossible.

Sione Teumohenga is a Tongan-Australian artist, producer and musician based on Kaurna land (Adelaide), best known for producing experimental pop music under the moniker Lonelyspeck. Melding diverse textures and genres, their work emphasises the physicality of sound to explore relationships with space, perception, origins, the body and the natural world.

Bluetung is the project of Mitchell J G Reynolds, a musician and electronics technician currently based in Eora (Sydney). Bluetung's sound is steeped in electronic music history with whispers of kosmische (cosmic music), tape music, post-punk and minimalist composition echoing into a formless ambient space of his own devising.


Liquid Architecture is a Naarm (Melbourne)-based organisation founded in 2000 supporting experimental, interdisciplinary and critical work addressing sound and listening in context. 

Del Lumanta is a Sydney-based artist, musician, and organiser. They directed Double Vision (2015–19), a free-form sound series that presented the work of DIY practitioners, experimental artists and musicians. Double Vision was presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Verge Gallery, and the Red Rattler Theatre.



On Gadigal land

Powerhouse Ultimo
500 Harris St
Ultimo NSW 2007

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5 October 2023

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